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Specializing In The Removal of All Nuisance Animals Across West Michigan

Are you having nuisance animals invading your residence? We are here to help 24 hours a day. If you have questions or to schedule an appointment,
please call 231-903-7255.

Licensed and Insured Animal Removal Specialists Serving All of West Michigan

Waking up to a bat flying around your head or a skunk next to your deck can be quite unsettling. No matter the location, wild animals will always be present. Whether it is residential or commercial, Advanced Wildlife Control 1 specializes in resolving any animal issues you may be having.

Not only do we trap and remove animals, but we also use exclusion devices that allow animals to leave the residence and keep them from re-entering. Wild animals can create great amounts of damage to a person's home or a business. Not only are they destructive, but also it's important to remember that wild animals are dangerous and can cause great harm if bitten by one carrying rabies or other diseases.

Reach out to us today to ensure that your animal issues are resolved safely and humanely. We've been serving the West Michigan community for years and pride ourselves on our prompt and professional service.

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Animal Removal

Advanced Wildlife Control 1 safely and humanely removes all nuisance animals. Have a foul smell coming from inside or outside of your home caused by a dead animal? Call Advanced Wildlife Control 1 to come inspect and remove it in a timely manner. 


Exclusion and Repair

Trapping, removing, and relocating the animal is one way we can solve your nuisance animal issues. If an animal such as a bat, squirrel, or flying squirrel has found its way into your home or business, we will find the location and attach an exclusion device. This device allows the animal to leave the premises safely and not re-enter.

Brush Removal

Overgrown bushes and shrubs can be a perfect home for those pesky animals. Let Advanced Wildlife Control 1 remove any unwanted hedges that may be acting as a home for nuisance animals.

Recent Customer Reviews & Testimonials

“Nick came on time the first time, explained the process and fees. He did an excellent job of removing some red squirrels that were trying to make their home in the suspended ceiling of our commercial building. I would highly recommend his very professional services to anyone. Thank you!” -Lisa L.

“We moved into a new home this year and quickly learned we weren't living alone...we had rodents and birds of all kinds! We were very impressed by the professionalism and quality of service Advanced Wildlife provided and felt the pricing was very reasonable. I would highly recommend them to those who (unfortunately) need this kind of service!” -Angela Z.

“Can't thank Nick enough! We live in the city of Norton Shores and woke up to a dead momma skunk and found out she had babies in between our fence and our neighbors shed. Thankfully Nick was able to trap them when they went into our yard to get rid of the little buggers and relocate them! He was so nice and helpful!! We will definitely call him for future animal issues!!” -Anna C.

“I can't say enough about how amazing Nick is! Yes I will admit that he and his family are friends of ours and we love them but I want to express to any one who views this that Nick is truly a master at knowing his business! Just calling him and explaining what was going on he already was 90% sure what our problem was and then within a few minutes of coming to our house he knew he was right about our problem and how to fix it! We had flying squirrels and bats that had chewed their way into our roof! Ugh! I was freaking out but he knew what to do and solved the problem after just one visit! All the while reassuring me that this can happen to any one! We highly recommend using Nick for any pest issues you come across! Thanks so much for all you did for us Nick!!” -Bridget K.

“Very happy with the service. Explained the racoon problem we were having and Nick came out and took care of it the next day. I would absolutely recommend and (hopefully not) would use if any other rodents decided to use our home as a hotel. Good company.” -Timothy R.

“Woke up in the middle of the night to a bat flying around my room. Trapped the bat in my bathroom and Nick came out first thing in the morning to take care of my winged "friend". Thanks so much Nick!” -Jennifer L.

“Birds were building a nest in my bathroom exhaust fan. Nick came out within an hour and fixed the problem immediately. I was impressed with his knowledge of bird/animal behavior. He is very professional. Definitely, the company to call!” -Debbie C.

“I never hesitate to recommend people talk to Nick to ask questions about their problems. Nick is very experienced in his field!” -Betty C.

wildlife control services in West Michigan

Never take the risk of resolving an animal issue on your own. Let Advanced Wildlife Control 1 give you peace of mind, knowing that all of your animal issues will be resolved thoroughly and humanely.

Advanced Wildlife Control 1 is licensed and insured and has been locally owned and operated since 2008. Our business is family owned and services all of West Michigan.

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