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Mole Removal

Mole Removal

Advanced Wildlife Control 1 has seen many Moles they are unique looking animals. The mole generally has a pointed pink snout and large, pink rounded feet with claws and is colored silvery gray to dull gray and. An average mole is about 5 to 8 inches in long with a short pointed tail.

How Advanced Wildlife Control 1 Professional gets rid of moles

Our Mole Removal Professional Muskegon MI can find the best way to determine if you have moles, gophers or some other pest. Missing a one or more of any moles, mole tunnels or something else, can cause a larger infestation. It takes an Advanced Wildlife Control 1 mole control professional to spot all of the many hiding places where moles are and provide the correct treatment to get rid of moles in your landscape.

Sometimes the problem reaches a point where mole extermination should take place. If you think a mole is on your landscape, contact Advanced Wildlife Control 1 for professional control today at (231) 903-7255.

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